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Personal Injury

After a catastrophic injury or death, you or a loved one might be wondering, how will you pay for medical bills or even a funeral God forbid? What about all your lost wages after an injury? What if you can’t work the rest of your life? How does the legal process work? Where do you even begin? These are the questions we have answers to. Our litigation team has a very high degree of experience handling all manner of catastrophic injury and death cases. If tragedy should strike, we have the team with the resources to help you put your life back together. 

Area of service: Anywhere in the United States

Family Law

Criminal Defense 

If you need a criminal law firm and a tough criminal law attorney to fight your charges, you won’t find a better firm ready to take your case. Pablo Martinez is a former McLennan County prosecutor, who better fight your charges and enforce your rights?

Area of service: McLennan, Falls, Bosque, and Limestone County

Divorces and custody battles can be an extremely difficult and emotionally trying time. You need a firm who understands how to manage the delicate rigors of a family law case. Whether you are having to navigate the complexity of a divorce, custody battle, adoption or any other related matter, you don’t have to go it alone. We are here to fight for you.  

Areas of service: McLennan, Falls, Limestone, Coryell and Hill County

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Si necesita un bufete de abogados penalistas y un abogado de derecho penal para luchar contra sus cargos, no encontrará un bufete mejor

preparado para tomar su caso.Pablo Martínez es un ex fiscal del condado de McLennan, ¿quién mejor para luchar contra sus cargos y hacer valer sus derechos?

Área de servicio: condados de McLennan, Limestone, Falls y Bosque.

Defensa Criminal

Después de una lesión o muerte catastrófica, es posible que usted o un

ser querido se esté preguntando, ¿Cómo pagará las facturas médicas o

incluso un funeral, Dios no lo quiera? ¿Qué pasa con todos sus salarios

perdidos después de una lesión? ¿Qué pasa si no puedes trabajar por el resto de tu vida? ¿Cómo funciona el proceso legal? ¿Por dónde debes empezar? Estas son las preguntas para las que tenemos respuestas. Nuestro equipo de litigación tiene un alto grado de

experiencia en el manejo de todo tipo de casos de muerte y lesiones

catastróficas. Si ocurriera una tragedia, contamos con el equipo y

recursos para ayudarlo a reconstruir su vida.


Área de servicio: Cualquier lugar en los Estados Unidos.

Daños corporales

Ley Familiar

Los divorcios y batallas por la custodia pueden ser un momento extremadamente difícil y con diversas consecuencias emocionales.

Necesita una firma que entienda cómo manejar los rigores de un caso de derecho familiar. Ya sea que tenga que navegar por la complejidad

de un divorcio, una batalla por la custodia, una adopción o cualquier otro asunto relacionado, no tiene que hacerlo solo. Estamos aquí para


Áreas de servicio: Condados de McLennan, Falls, Limestone, Coryell y Hill.



The Martinez Law Firm is dedicated to serving those in need of legal

representation for matters of personal injury, criminal, immigration, and

family law in Central Texas. Pablo Martinez is a natively fluent Spanish-

speaking attorney and former McLennan County prosecutor dedicated to

fighting for the best possible outcome for each and every client.


Estamos a órdenes para dar voz a las comunidades hispanohablantes entre

Austin y Dallas. Ha pasado bastante, y nuestra comunidad ha sido ignorada.

Hace mucho tiempo que nuestra comunidad no ha tenido acceso a los

poderes de nuestro sistema de justicia junto con todos los derechos que

nos corresponden. Pablo Martínez está dedicado a servir a aquellos que

necesitan representación legal en asuntos de lesiones graves o muerte, así

como en derecho penal, inmigración y de familia en el centro de Texas.



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Pablo Martinez


Tel: (254) 651-6181

     Pablo Martinez was born and raised in Brownsville, Texas. His father was born in Mexico City and his mother was raised in the projects of a Brownsville neighborhood a mile down the street from the border. Pablo was raised in a colonia named Cameron Park, which by the 2000 U.S census was the poorest Census Designated Place in America.

     Like many young men in Brownsville, Pablo graduated from school with no accolades and no plan for life. His brother started trafficking drugs across the country to support his family and was eventually sent to prison. Pablo nearly went down the same path when he was caught by police after street racing and evading police, But after seeing the address on his driver’s permit, a sheriff’s deputy let Pablo go. He should have been arrested for racing and evading arrest 6 hours before his SAT.

     Pablo knew so little about college he tried to start and submit his college application the night before the deadline. After that obvious failure he enrolled at the local college. Pablo later transferred to Texas State University where he graduated summa cum laude. 

     Applying to law school was an expensive process. Pablo worked in lumber and at a

community college while living out in Springtown, Texas to save the money he needed. It was all worth it 2 years later when Pablo was accepted to Baylor Law.

     After a tough three years Pablo got to call himself a Baylor Lawyer. It was especially important to him that his grandmother Aurora Martinez, the force behind his family’s move to America, got to see her grandson graduate from law school. To cap an unforgettable day, his brother was released from federal prison just in time to see Pablo graduate.

     His last year in school Pablo met a beautiful woman. A La Vega graduate born and raised in Bellmead, she had also recently graduated from Baylor Law. When you know you know. Three days after taking the bar exam, Pablo flew to Vegas to propose to his now-wife Brittany. The Martinez family set down roots to call Waco home.

     Pablo started his career as a prosecutor in McLennan County. But after a short time it became painfully obvious to him that the entire Latino population in this area was not only severely underserved, but were in effect denied access to the American judicial system because of a critical lack of Spanish-speaking lawyers in the area.

     Before long Pablo founded The Martinez Law Firm to do everything he could to serve the community. With areas of practice including personal injury, criminal law, family law and immigration, The Martinez Law Firm is doing everything it can to expand and meet the needs of a long-ignored community.


     On April 28, The Martinez Law Firm welcomed its newest member to the family. Joaquin Cruz Martinez was born at 6:45pm weighing at 8lbs 14oz.



Tel:  (254) 651-6181

100 N 6th St. Suite 704

Waco, Texas 76701


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